Papa Legba

Papa Legba is a short game made in 48 hours during the Emotional Game Jam 2018 by Team NoLan. We won first prize of the jam with this 2D narrative sidescroller where you play a young lost girl and a shaman linked together between two different worlds for a gloomy quest.

Ayiti the little girl robbed the mask of the Baron Samedi in her village in the Bayou to try to get her grandmother back from the dead. She gets lost in the bayou and her friend shaman in the village summon the Iwa Papa Legba after midnight to try to help her. Papa Legba sends the shaman to the invisible world so he can help Ayiti to escape the dreadful swamps.

I produced the game and did game design, programming, story, level design, sound and dialogs with my team of 3.