About me

Coucou c moi

Who am I?

My name is Edwin Haragova, I’m a designer and developer from France. I’m passionate about a lot of things, especially in art. I’m curious about everything and eager to express myself in different means (music, video games, writing…). 

I am a musician and composer, I’ve played the piano and the bass guitar for many years. I compose mainly soundtracks for my own games but I’m available for any kind of music.

I am also a game designer and indie developer. I have produced my own indie games (with several teams), many free prototypes and one commercial game. I also worked in the field of serious gaming and I am still doing it with freelance work.

I am also a front-end web developer, training to be full-stack dev but still efficient in various web dev areas as I worked on different and interesting projects.


My previous experiences

These are the schools I attended and the professional experiences I’ve had during my first years before going freelance.

Laval 3DI

I have a college degree (licence) from Laval 3DI video games school, where I studied visual art, 3D real-time graphics, AR/VR development and video game design. (2014-2018)

Arts et métiers (laval)

I studied for a master’s degree at ENSAM Laval. I learned game and software development, AR and VR tech, team management in many projects, Agile Scrum, etc. (2018-2019)

UNIge (genève)

Intern at BavelierLab, I was game designer on a serious game designed for research & therapy. (2018)

EMotional Game jam

I enter the Emotional Game Jam three times from 2016 to 2018 with my Team NoLan. We won two editions with our prototypes. I latered enter the Jury Team, judging the games made during later editions.

The fun institute

I worked at The Fun Institute as a Lead Game Designer. With a small team I did game design, level design, programming and music/sound design for an indie game prototype. (2017-2018)

team Nolan

I founded the studio Team NoLan with three of my work partners. We make indie games, having released a few free prototypes and one paid game. We’re working on unreleased titles.(2019 – Ongoing)

Skillset and softwares

Game Dev

Game design / Level design

Having worked on several games ranging from funny arcade to adventure, I can convey my (and your) ideas into a fully functionning game world that is engaging and fun to play.

Narrative design

I write my own stories for my games, I designed deep adventure games with different story paths, dialogs, etc. I am trained in linear narrative, non-linear and procedural.


I have developped many of my games in Unity 3D. I am able to code every gameplay aspect in C# programming and I can use every new features of the software.

C++ / C# Programming

I am trained in game development and a little bit of software dev in C# and C++, mainly with Unity3D but also in SDL.


I learned how to use Unreal Engine for rendering 3D Real-Time scenes, games, I specialized in VR experiences.

3D real-time Graphics

I do 3D graphics optimized for game and VR. I know these softwares : 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, zBrush and several rendering engines.



I am a musician since always, I studied at the Conservatory of Music for many years in France where I learned classical and formal music education, but I also played classical and jazz piano, jazz improv in a band and I learned the electric bass.

But for you I’m mainly a composer. I write and perform nearly all the music for the games I produce, so you can hear part of my work on a few soundtracks I released.

I composed for solo piano, jazz trio, pop music, chiptune music and I’m still practicing on writing orchestral music. I mainly use Finale for writing and composing and Ableton Live for music production.

I can do soundtracks, corporate or pop music, for games or anything else and I mainly work with virtual instruments but I can also write for real instruments depending on the budget 😉

skillset and softwares

Web Dev

Front-end Development

I have worked as a front-end dev on a few projects where I specialized in content integration, visual features and interactions.


I master the basics of web development in the 2020s, using the latest tech from HTML and CSS to create dynamic, responsive and user-friendly websites or CSS animations.


If you need to add more dynamic features to your website I can do it for you with this language I can create scripts for almost everything you want to do with your website!

WordPress CMS

Well as you can see because this website is made on WordPress, I am familiar with Content Management Systems like this one. I can make your website easy to manage, fast to load and easy to be noticed by search engines (with SEO)!


I went to a design school where I learned a lot about webdesign, then I had the pleasure to help with the design of a few websites so I can do webdesign for any kind of project you have.

Hey! Let's get in touch

If you like what you saw and are interested in working with me, I’m available as a full-time freelancer for any kind of work in one (or more) of the fields mentionned above. I have already work on project from various horizons with different size, aim and style so don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be glad to work with you!


Come Back: Chapter 1

An intriguing story-driven adventure game with an eye-catching artstyle and a few problems to solve…